South Georgia (old USDA Zone 8b, Savannah to Waycross to Blakely) has been formally ceded to the Florida Daffodil Society (FDS). Because of the weather and soils, the cultivation methods and recommended daffodil cultivars of the FDS are appropriate for your area. The cultivation methods and list of successful daffodils for north Georgia are not for you.

The GDS sponsors an American Daffodil Society sanctioned, judged flower show every March in Atlanta, with daffodil gardeners from across the southeast participating. The show is usually held at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on the third weekend of the month.

The GDS has three meetings annually, but they are not mandatory. At the fall meeting, members on occasion have bulb sales.

The GDS is gearing up to sponsor public plantings (at first focusing on the Atlanta region simply for practical logistics). A small public planting has been established at Historic Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta, based on members’ efforts to identify original, historic daffodil plantings by family members.