Welcome To The Georgia Daffodil Society!

Our focus is growing and exhibiting daffodils in the north-central and north Georgia region. Our membership includes gardeners from Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and western North Carolina. Member’s interests range from competitively exhibiting modern hybrids, to growing miniatures, to identifying historics to hybridization.

2022 Calendar of Events

Historic Oakland Cemetery Daffodil Day, 10:00am to 2:00pm, February 26, 2022. Free.

Historic Oakland is celebrating its thousands of daffodils this year with a day filled with beautiful flower and greenery displays, garden experts, and activities for all ages in Oakland Cemetery’s Victorian gardens. Daffodil Day is free and open to the public. Signage throughout the cemetery grounds will share a few of the origin stories behind Oakland’s beautiful and historic bulbs, many brought to the cemetery through the work of Georgia Daffodil Society members. The Foundation gift shop will have daffodil-themed books and other items on sale. Daffodil Days is a free, self-guided event. No tickets or reservations are necessary.  Daffodil Day – Oakland Cemetery



Annual Judged Daffodil Show, “The World Is Our Cup of Tea in 2022”

Saturday, March 12, 2022. Noon to 4:00pm

Newbies welcome to bring flowers to enter; staging from 8:00 to 10:00 am.

Chattahoochee Nature Center

9135 Willeo Road
Roswell, Ga 30075

Free with paid admission to the Nature Center.





2022 Annual Fall Bulb Sale, TBD October 2022

Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market, Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm

2021 Sales List:

Bulbs grown by our members and friends of the Society! Hence, some quantities are limited.

All cultivars $5.00 per bag of 5 bulbs, except ‘Stilton’ at $5.00 a bag of 3 bulbs

The ever-popular free bulbs for wee tots returns, this year with a pot luck mix.

Links after cultivars are to images courtesy of the American Daffodil Society:

Trumpets – Division 1

‘Mando’ 1Y-Y  (1959, C)  Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Mando&auto=1

‘Mount Hood’  1W-W  (1938, H)  Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Mount%20Hood&auto=1

Big Cups – Division 2

‘Pink Charm’  2W-WWP   Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Pink%20Charm&auto=1

‘Pink Pride’  2W-WPP   Late Midseason   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Pink%20Pride&auto=1

‘Sir Watkin’  2Y-Y (1868, H)  Early Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Sir%20Watkin&auto=1

‘Stella Superba’ 2W-Y  (1868, H) Early Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Stella%20Superba&auto=1

Doubles – Division 4

‘Erlicheer’  4W-Y (1934, H)  Midseason    https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Erlicheer&auto=1k

‘White Lion’  4W-WYY  (1949, C) Late Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=White%20Lion&auto=1

Jonquils – Division 7

‘Quail’ 7Y-Y (F)  Midseason   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Quail

‘Trevithian’  7Y-Y  (1927, H) (F)   Late Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Trevithian&auto=1

Tazettas – Division 8

‘Avalanche’  8W-Y (1906, H) (F)  Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Avalanche&auto=1

‘Avalanche of Gold’  8Y-Y (F)  Early Season  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Avalanche%20of%20Gold&auto=1

‘Aspasia’ 8W-Y  (1908, H)  Late Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Aspasia&auto=1

‘Grand Primo Citroniere’  8W-Y (1780, H)  Midseason   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Grand%20Primo%20Citroni%C3%A8re&auto=1

‘Omri’  8W-Y  Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Omri

‘Silver Chimes’  8W-W (1914, H)  Late Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Silver%20Chimes&auto=1

Poets – Division 9

‘Actaea’ 9W-YYR (1919, H)  Late Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Actaea&auto=1

**‘Stilton’ 9W-YYR (1909, H)  Late Midseason   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Stilton&auto=1

Split Cups – Division 11

‘Curly Lace’ 11aY-Y  Midseason  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Curly%20Lace&auto=1

‘Mary Gay Lirette’ 11aW-P  Midseason   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Mary%20Gay%20Lirette&auto=1

Division 12

‘Tête-à-Tête’ 12Y-Y (1949, C)  Midseason   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=T%C3%AAte-%C3%A0-T%C3%AAte&auto=1

Species – Division 13

N. x medioluteus (“Twin Sisters”) Late Season  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=N.%20x%20medioluteus&pagenum1=1&which=hist1

Mixed Cultivars Bags

H – Historic: C – Classic; F – Fragrant



Did You Know?

“Daffodil” is the accepted, English term for all species and hybrid flowers of the genus Narcissus.
“Narcissus” is the Latin, botanical (scientific) term for the genus, both species and cultivars.

“Jonquil” is the accepted English term for hybrid flowers derived from the species plant Narcissus jonquilla.

In the deep South, often a Daffodil is a big daffodil flower, a Jonquil is a smaller flower (usually yellow), and a Narcissus is a bunch flower (properly called a tazetta, once called “polyanthus”).

For a discussion of daffodil divisions and flower basics, please visit the American Daffodil Society.

“Historic” daffodils are those hybridized before 1940. The term “heirloom” is not used.

The ADS now has an online daffodil database called “DaffSeek” located at https://www.daffseek.org. It contains 24,000 cultivar entries, many with images, from all over the world and is easy to use!

Please visit our Contact Page for Complete Contact Information.


Canceled for 2022: Annual Potted Bulb and Cut Flower Sale, Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market

Peachtree Road Farmers Market
Cathedral of St. Philip
2744 Peachtree Road (Buckhead)
Atlanta, GA 30305