Month: December 2011

Daffy Down Dilly

The 2013 Annual Georgia Daffodil Society Daffodil Show 2013 GDS Hort Schedule Daffy Down Dilly Has Come to Town in a Yellow Petticoat and a Green Gown The 2013 GDS Show is a standard daffodil and design show (approved by

Good Garden Varities For North Georgia

These daffodils are recommended by GDS members who have found them to grow well, year after year. This is not to say many other varieties won’t thrive in the region, only that these have done well. For general bulb merchants

Planting Tips

Annual Calendar of Care, Year Round With Your Daffodils The year for daffodils starts in the fall after their summer respite. Newly purchased bulbs should be planted, existing bulbs start sprouting roots. Miniatures with their small bulbs have their own